led light redesign

In a nation growing at a scorching pace and facing increasing
energy shortage, a visionary idea is to deploy energy efficient 
light emitting diodes or LEDs for lighting needs. A prominent
Pune-based company approached OnioMax to conceptualize and
design luminaries for a solar-powered LED lighting system
that they were launching.

OnioMax designed the LED luminaires in various configurations
for multiple applications. These luminaires will play an important
role in lighting up advertising billboards in India as also many
other applications. A team of innovative product designers and
engineers from OnioMax also redesigned an entire range of LED
lamps for a global player in LED lighting systems. 

With a major segment of conventional lamp replacement market in sight, 
this MNC client was very pleased with the project delivered by OnioMax.



car design

car sketch

In a world of nuclear families, studio apartments and virtual realties;
some cars are legendary machines that benefit from unrivalled heritage,
crafted with fantasy and driven by opulence. At OnioMax, we are pushing
the limits of Design and Prototyping for a historic makeover to some
classic models in the Indian automotive market. In collaboration with the
core engineering team and OEM’s, this project has further strengthened
our expertise in the field of Automotive Design for the Indian market.


mobile phone

A large multinational company mandated Onio Design to conduct research
on energy consumption in the Bottom of Pyramid segment of rural India.
For this challenging and socially relevant project, a team of
design professionals and ethnographers from the OnioNxt vertical
travelled to four states in India for an elaborate design research.

The research revealed interesting insights about rapidly shifting
economic and cultural parameters and various segments within rural India.
The team later took this learning to the drawing boards and came up
with user-centric products and future-ready strategic
business models for rural India.


Onio has been working on the mega-trends for India for almost
6 years now. Yearly research that connects us to more than
200 consumers and trend-hotspots in India culminates into
Trend report and a workshop. Onio’s design research and
innovation strategy practice relies heavily on yearly updates
from this research. Here is a snapshot of what’s new in
India-Working out at gym is nothing new to those connected with IT.

Shifting the activity to break the monotony of break-neck
pace of life is the new mantra that borrows a few hints
from the IT set-ups. It is not a lazy Sunday afternoon
and nor it is a running away to weekend jaunt that is ‘unwinding’.
It is not a seamless switch of activities, change of rhythm,
mix of micro and macro, home and hotel, work and fun that will
create a soothing new energy. Expect hybrid product characters,
mixed zone spatial treatments, advanced versions of quick connect
technologies like QR codes, DIY multi-role products and airport
like accents will dot the design directions or 2012-13.


Onio turned 14 on 14th July 2011. Three testing business cycles in the
last fourteen years tested everything from our views on the core of
innovation to our resolve to our business processes to our very approach
to business. In the fast evolving economy bubbling with increasingly
aware consumers, India-centric innovation is just about taking shape.
I remember the very first years of Onio where we were struggling to find
product design assignments and were actually forced to take up
graphic-design assignments for sheer survival. For some time, we had
almost become a dotcom portal design company.

The beginning of design-led innovation renaissance in India started only
in the last 5-6 years. It has happened not because home-grown companies
developed a love for design and innovation; but because the foreign
companies started feeling the need to differentiate their products in
the emerging economies. Everyone is a winner in the scene that is unfolding now.

Innovation frontiers are getting pushed for the better. Keener and deeper
understanding of emerging users is becoming a de facto method for new product
development. Statistics, though being the backbone of any decision, has now
found a competent partner in qualitative research methods. This rapidly
changing scenario affected Onio in many ways. In the world of modern design
and innovation which has luminaries starting from Leonardo da Vinci,
fourteen years are really nothing.

Each day, new start-ups are being born out of new energy and confidence
of emerging India and stories of ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’ are polishing
new beautiful minds. Onio is a small flicker in this illumined new world
of innovation. This small flicker is the marching light for tomorrow. 
We believe in this and strive together with all our clients, suppliers,
partners, remote well-wishers and the families who support us day in and day out.

Manoj Kothari

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