Since it’s very first project about 14 years ago, Onio is known for introducing
game-changing innovation into the products it touches. The game-changer elements
appear in both – macro & micro contexts and it’s a pleasure to see how users
and customers recognise the innovation bits, although it’s hidden under the ‘design’ tag.
This obsession with innovation has made Onio cruise the territories effortlessly
from consulting on products to brands to strategy & business innovation.
For us at Onio it has been evident that innovation is necessary,
but certainly not a sufficient condition for customer / user delight.
At times, the efforts needed to make a product better are much more
than product innovation. From the numerous (and often unsuccessful) assignments,
the factors surrounding a successful design story appears to be quite diverse and
distinctly specific to each case. However two ingredients have always
surfaced in all successful cases.

A clever idea and a touch of fun!

In hindsight, these two factors have always guided the design team in ways like-

  • Getting more empathetic to the users, since the cleverness and fun
    claims have to be validated from users’ perspective

  • Getting emotionally involved with the product and saving ourselves
    from making drab & dry runs of ideas

  • Keeping the mind open as there is no such thing as ‘final’ design,
    if one is pushing for clever & fun ideas

  • Inadvertently keeping the boring concepts at bay, and saving ourselves
    from pushing ‘workable’ design ideas into client presentations

Keeping positive pressure for constructive feedback on ‘just critics’
within us and within the clients’ teams

Prakash Khanzode


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